Business concept, quality certificate and policy.

Our business concept:

  • Atop CertifikatATORP Automatsvarvning AB offers expertise and capacity for turning and machining of most materialsThe company's modern CNC machinery provides great flexibility and cost efficiency for both small and large series. The greater complexity and precision requirements, the better. 

Quality is for us:

  • Through knowledge, skills and curiosity ensure that we meet customer expectations, requirements and needs.
  • To give the customer reason to engage us again.
  • To deliver on time.
  • Meeting the requirements is part of our continuous improvement efforts. 

Environment is to us:

  • That we use as few chemicals as possible.
  • That we analyze our resources and energy.
  • That we comply with current laws and educates us in environmentally friendly technologies.
  • That we are working on prevention, risk analysis and continuous improvement.

Work Environment for us:

  • That we perform safety inspections.
  • That we replace equipment, changing operations that can be harmful in the short or long term.
  • That we analyze our risks of injuries.
  • That we are working on prevention and continuous improvement.

 Fire protection is for us:

  •  That we performing fire inspections.
  •  That we prevent fire by ensuring that we have the structure of our fire prevention, equipment available, perform risk analyzes, etc.

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Our policy, 2017 (268kb, Swedish)
Certifikat ISO 9001/14001:2015 (350kb)