Long and slim details? Then processing fits into our modern 6 - to 8 - axis machines perfectly.

Atorp LangdSliding-head technique, advanced machining up to 8-axis. This machine type is moste suitable for series from about 1000 pc and uppwards.

The parts can be long and slim or short with live tool machinig both vertikal and horisontal.

Advantage Sliding-head technique:

  • Complete machining of long slim details.
  • Machining in counterspindle.
  • Fine surface finish
  • High pressure in cutting oil 140bar suitable for drilling of small holes.

Technical data:

  • Min/max diameter: 3-32 mm
  • Max partslength: 600 mm
  • Up to 32 tool positions
  • Main spindle and counter spindle
  • 6-8 axis, B-axis
  • 3 m barloader