Heavy facts everyone
spelled ATORP

Your first contact with us is perhaps Sandra Runums friendly voice on the phone, "Welcome to ÅTORP, what can I do to help?" For us it is not politeness in the first place without a straight statement. Our vision is very clear. We simply want to give you more of the time. It happens namely something when you give plus values. It's called trust. You cannot buy. Just earn. With heart, hand and brain ... Therefore, our customer promise, "We give more" to see the customer's expressed as well as unexpressed needs and respond to them by a wide margin at every stage. It takes many forms. Here we startand we begin with an A. A for ATORP Automatsvarvning AB.


Worth knowing about ATORP AB. The company was founded in Anderstorp in the mid-80s. 2001 was acquired by Fredrik Hammar and moved in 2006 to refurbish and appropriate premises in Bredaryd. ATORP is a rapidly growing player. We invest a great deal of our profit to reinvest. The production equipment is renewed regularly and the premises have now grown to more than 2,000 m2. ATORP doing the wave. The direction upward-forward has always been the direction ATORP chosen in different contexts. The routing visualized by the blue wave, for example on our business cards. And of course, we want to take you in the lift...


Technology is our passion and give you financial and quality benefits.

It is natural for us to always be at the forefront of new machine technology. The entire company is minted of a high level of technology, from the MPS system to machinery and premises. We can process parts in all materials with diameters from 3-65 mm. Problem solving is done together with you as customer. It gives you the economic and quality advantages thanks to our in-depth knowledge bank. When it comes to ensuring quality is a well-equipped measuring room where all the work piece tolerances can be controlled to a constant temperature.


Organization of ATORP characterized by always trying to exceed customer expectations.

Our organization is permeated by the ambition to perform at the highest level and to always try to exceed customer expectations. The company staff is motivated and always does their best to ensure a high level of service to our customers. ATORP also has the strength to offer total solutions thanks to our large network of suppliers and our geographic location in the heart of Gnosjöregionen. We work with suppliers that provide us the opportunity to quote finishing, heat treating, grinding, welding, laser cutting, surface finishing, assembly and so on. ÅTORP is certified under ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental systems.


Relationships serve the long-term. For us is it both customers and suppliers.

We believe in long term relationships. The relationship with us will be both enjoyable and easy. For our customers, as well as our suppliers. It has given us a strong network with major opportunities to undertake customer's total solutions. ATORP have many satisfied repeat customer orders. We supply more than happy to provide references upon request, and we take pride in that customers come back again and again. A friendly service at all levels is a direct result of a staff that are happy and feel responsible for their work. Proof of our great relationship with our employees is that staff turnover is very low.


The production is a key factor. With sharp machinery we can compete at the highest level.

Production is supported at every stage of our MRP system Monitor. All features like inquiry, quotation, purchasing, production, quality control, warehousing, delivery and billing are in the same system, which gives us minimal administration. The machinery consists of 16 pieces high performance fully automatic CNC lathes from well-known Japanese and European suppliers: Citizen, Mazak and Emco. We find together with you logistical solutions that are beneficial to both parties. We measure the ongoing security of supply to customers, last year it was 100% ... Our rational production gives you always economic and quality advantages.