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We call that matching up with ATORP.

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Here's how it works

By answering the questions below you can get a good idea of what we can do, while at the same time you can determine whether your workpiece is suited for our production. You can decide to see if your item matches after five questions, or you can continue to answer more in-depth questions before you submit your answers to us. As soon as we have reviewed your answers, we will contact you to discuss what we can do for you. 

What materials is your parts made of?

What is the largest diameter on your parts?

How long is your parts?

How many parts do you need in a year?

In other words, a prototype series.

A small series of max. 1000 items in a year

- A good volume in our production.

A large series with a lot of advantages for you

What is your part shaped like? Click on one or more pieces that look like your item.

Now you can choose between two p.

Match-up with ATORP now and submit your answers to us. Or answer a few more questions about what you need so that we can provide an even more tailored solution. 

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Great! Your parts appears to be a good fit for our production. Enter your name, where you work and your e-mail below, so we can contact your as soon as we have reviewed your answers. 

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Which machining suboperation is your parts in?

Upload drawing

If you want, you can upload a drawing of your item here.
If you would rather view our confidentiality agreement before showing us your drawings, you can skip over this step. 

Which machining suboperation does your part need?

Is there something else that needs to be done?

We can offer a back-up supply of workpieces at ATORP for extra fast delivery. Is this of interest?

Where will the finished parts be delivered?

Now we know a lot about your ite. But who are you?

For example, it would be interesting to know what industry you work in and what role you have.
This allows us to provide better answers in terms of how we can help produce your item as efficiently and as well as possible.

Which industry do you work in and what is your area of responsibility?

What is important for you in terms of collaborating with a manufacturer like ATORP?