Complex pieces in difficult material? Multiple machining operations with the same machine? No problem.

Multi-operation turning for complex pieces in difficult material. Advanced machining with up to 10 spindles. This type of machine is best suited for serial production of approx. 500 pieces or greater. The workpieces can be long, up to 1500 mm or short. Easy milling, drilling, threading both vertically and horizontally.

Advantages of Multi-operation turning:

  • Turning, milling, drilling and threading directly from a rod to a finished component.
  • Equal processing on the counter spindle.
  • Great flexibility for manufacturing complex pieces.
  • Turning long spindles, up to 1500 mm.

Technical data: 

  • Min/Max diameter Ø3-65 mm
  • Max workpiece length 1500 mm
  • Up to 48 tool positions
  • Double spindles
  • Double tool revolvers
  • Live tools, 24 positions
  • 3 m bar loader

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