A passion for technology
and a desire to always
give you more.

Long and narrow workpieces?

Sliding head turning

Small to medium series?


Complex items in difficult material?

Multi-operation turning

Turned pieces – what do you need?

We can handle turned pieces from 1-80 mm in diameter and up to 1200 mm in length.
Use the controller below to see images of the workpieces in different sizes.

DNA Rör (1)
Liten Plutt (1)
Nippel Mejselspår
Sexkant Adapter
Kägla 8Mm
Atorp 23 Lumt
Atorp 16T
Atorp 29T
Atorp 15T
Atorp 43T
Atorp 19
Atorp 22 Lumt
Atorp 46T
Banjo Ljus
Atorp 27T
Atorp 12T
Atorp 39T
Atorp 5T
Atorp 40T
Atorp 11T
Atorp 28T
Atorp 6T
Atorp 2T
Atorp 37T
Dubbel Gängad Axel Ljus
Atorp 32T
Atorp 31T
Gängbussning 2

What do we really mean with our motto “We give more”

What do we really mean by always giving more? We have a fantastic production facility and a house full of expertise, but we are always open to discovering what you need more of. In all of our work, we want to take that extra step to design really good projects and provide excellent collaboration. From the little projects to the large-scale projects – We give more.

Match-up with ATORP

One way to figure out whether the item that you need machined will fit in with our production facilities is to test whether you are a good match for us. Answering a few simple questions allows us to see whether we are good match for each other. Click here to proceed to the matching process.

We have built a new portal!

We are one of the first companies to offer a customer portal where you can monitor production and the status of your items. Now we have revised and upgraded the portal. Log in and take a look. If you are a customer and need a login, let us know and we will arrange one for you.

All machining in one process

Production is optimised so that all machining phases are in closed processes in the machines. Turning, drilling and threading. Everything occurs automatically. Read more about multi-operation turning here.

Now we take even more measurements

Documenting, tracing and measuring is the key to minimising defects. We have invested in new measuring equipment that provides a completely new level of capacity in terms of measuring different types of items.